App Teaches Kids about Good Oral Hygiene

Chomper Chums

A new free app for both iPhones and Android devices, called “Chomper Chums”, has come out to educate children ages four through eleven about how to properly take care of their teeth and gums. The creators of the app explain that the app is designed to teach boys and girls about oral hygiene in a fun and engaging way.

Chomper Chums focuses on the important points of brushing, flossing, and rinsing habits for children. With the new app, children can begin to learn concepts regDental apparding proper hygiene through the eyes of three animated characters. Kids who use the app are able to interact with these animals each time they brush, rinse, and floss.

The app helps to ensure that kids are thoroughly brushing and flossing by giving them a peek inside the mouth, using the animated characters as a guide. Children are able to follow “sugar bugs” on their journey to each quadrant of the mouth, as a timer indicates how long they should brush. This helps children get a better idea of how long they should be brushing and which area they should cover with their toothbrush. To reward children who brush and floss regularly, the app gives out coins that can be used to buy food for their animated friends.

James Bronson is the chief dental officer at United Concordia, the company that developed the Chomper Chums app. Bronson said that the app was developed based on the feedback that they received about the best ways to keep kids invested in oral hygiene. They hope that by teaching the children how to practice proper oral hygiene at a young age, that they will carry on the habits into adulthood.

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